What Can You Do Instead of PowerPoint?

Friday, May 7, 2010
I have promised myself that this blog would be a positive place for educational tools and ideas, so I will not go into how much I hate dislike PowerPoint. But, I will present to you some different websites that could replace PowerPoint presentations in your classroom.

Glogster is an online poster or blog that students can use to organize information and share ideas. What I love about this website is the educational setup. I am able to add students to my account and they can see their classmates's glogs. This way students can independently view other projects that are school related and appropriate. In my technology class, I've integrated education into my projects by having students create glogs about science terms such as magnets, plant life, and recycling. They are able to add definitions in word bubbles and videos using SchoolTube.

Animoto creates unique professional looking videos with your files. Students upload videos, music, pictures, and text while the Animoto team does the production work for you. This could get students to focus more on the information they find and not on how the presentation looks. I always try and explain to my students that even the flashiest effects and techniques won't overlook bad information.

Prezi is most like a PowerPoint slideshow, but it consists of one organized page that allows you to zoom in on the information you want to focus on for each slide. I believe that the production of a Prezi presentation is a little difficult at first. The over all effect looks great, but students will find it hard to start on a blank canvas.


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