Road Trippin'

Wednesday, May 5, 2010
My 6th & 7th grade students are on a road trip! They have been to almost 8 different states and are keeping themselves very busy. Instead of doing more bookwork and tutorials, I decided to let them teach themselves and their peers for the final quarter of the school year. They are learning so much more about what PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher can do that any lecture or book would tell them. They are sharing ideas and really helping each other learn! I've also been able to implemented different websites and applications that I've wanted to use throughout the year, but have never had time. (Glogster, Aviary, Picnik, GoogleEarth, Picasa, etc.)

When starting my road trippin' project, I decided that I was going to have the students do an educational assignment as they traveled to each destination. I feel that as a vocational and/or elective class, I should help other core-subject teachers by focusing not only on my objectives, but also by reinforcing theirs. And - I truly feel that as a technology teacher sometimes I am missing content for my projects. Student can only do so many 'about me' PowerPoints within their lifetime. By using ideas and topics from the state the students are traveling to, I am able to implement a new technology skill as well as a math or reading/writing assignment. I feel I am truly implementing education into technology!

Check out the projects my students have created so far:


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