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Thursday, May 13, 2010
Sometimes in the middle of a unit with my elementary students, I find a website so cool that I have to take a class period to show them. Today, I gave my 5th graders a break from learning about Excel functions and had them do a worksheet over fractions. Now, fractions are exactly the most fun math concept, but the middle school math teacher said that they need some extra practice adding fractions with uncommon denominators. As I said before, I feel that my job as a vocational teacher is not only to teach student about different technology, but also how to incorporate technology into their educational lives. So - I grab any opportunity that I have to help my core classroom teachers.

So today, I did a google search for fraction worksheets and found several from and printed two that included mixed numbers and uncommon denominators.

Then, I had my students log onto Conceptua Math (I had already posted the link on their Edmodo site for easy access). They choose the free tool Adding with Uncommon Denominators.

This free tool was exactly what they needed to help them finish their worksheet. They could manipulate each fraction to find the common denominator. Pictures were located next to each fraction to help them visualize the difficult whole/part issue with fractions. The best part was that the could check their answer before they wrote it down on their worksheet - this means that every student's work was perfect before they turned it in!

Not only did my students work hard on their assignments, they also help each other! Once someone figured out how to manipulate their denominator they were excited to help their neighbors!

Only problem I had was they students all used my username that I created. I wish this website would allow for a teacher/student account options under the free version. The premium version offers much more, but our school cannot afford it.


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