Social Networking in the Classroom

Monday, July 19, 2010
Can we as teachers allow students to use websites such as Facebook & Twitter in our classrooms? Can we afford not too? Students in this generation are using social networking websites to communication, share ideas, and meet new people. As educators, we must start incorporating these types of resources if we want to connect with our students.

I just recently made a video for a masters class I am taking; it depicts the positives of social networking in the classroom.


  • Mrs. Tenkely

    I have used social media in my classroom (Twitter,, wallwisher, blogging, etc) and the results have been fantastic. I think most teachers that I talk to worry about the off-task time that will be spent on the sites. I have found that when you introduce an engaging activity and allow students to use social media to complete it, the results are excellent and there is little to no off-task time.

  • anjella martin

    A Pew Research Center report indicated that online social networking have become political hotspots in the United States.

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